Plyometrics / Upper Body

Cyclists tend to neglect their upper bodies. A method to add some snap to your break is by doing upper body plyometrics. Plyometrics consist of a variety of drills that train your nervous system and metabolic pathways to increase your strength and power.

Plyometrics requires you to accelerate through a complete range of motion and then relax into a full stretch. Before beginning plyometric training be sure to warm up for five minutes and then stretch. Take it easy on your first few sets and repetitions of plyometrics. Spend at least thirty seconds resting between sets but perform each repetition consecutively. After a month of plyometrics, spend less time between sets and increase to two sets of twenty repetitions.

Plyometrics for arm power: Plyometrics for arm power will increase your upper body strength and "pull" you up hills. You will gain strength in your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back translating into increased speed. Begin with five repetitions. Add one repetition each week until you can perform twenty repetitions consecutively.

Mediball throw: Practice chest passing with your partner back and forth. Keep your knees, bent, elbows soft, and keep the ball moving without rest between sets.

Clap pushups: Press up into a pushup position and clap your hands before your hands return to the floor.

Double Clap pushups: Clap twice. Press up into a pushup position and clap your hands twice before your hands return to the floor.

Lateral pushups: Press up into a pushup and slide both hands six inches to your left before returning your hands to the floor. On your next pushup slide your hands back to the right.

Wall-ups: Perform a handstand using a wall for balance. Place your hands a little less then shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows slightly and explode back up into a handstand.
*These exercises are recommended for advanced athletes only.