Travel Training

I travel at least 2 weekends a month so I know what you are talking about. I always pack a jump rope, Sport Cord training gloves, and running shoes. Decide that you will put up with lack of exercise facilities, jet lag, a different diet, and nonstop meetings. But there are ways to remain on your program. Use the disruption in your exercise routine to "change-up" your workout. Instead of lifting weights, do pushups, chair dips, biceps curls, and back work, all in the comfort of your hotel room. Your furniture is your resistance. Or, ask the desk clerk if the hotel has a mini-gym. Most of them do. And usually I find myself in there alone, day or night.

Bring food with you. I always carry a few small cans of pop-top tuna, apples, energy bars and powdered drinks, and bagels. Especially to save those late night, expensive, room service calls. Try to eat something a couple of hours before, and a few minutes after your workout. You will feel more energized and your muscle glycogen stores will be refueled for your next workout.Restaurant low fat, calorie fare is getting better by the decade. I usually order an egg-white omelet for breakfast, with dry toast and oatmeal. Most of the time I eat a more healthful breakfast on the road than at home. For lunch and dinner, ask your waiter to tell the cook to broil or grill your poultry or fish without adding special sauces or butter.

Maybe you spent a relaxing hour on your bike at home. Instead, if you are pressed for time, find the stairs to your hotel and climb from the first floor to the top floor and stretch while your are coming down the elevator. Time yourself. A half hour of uphill climbing is comparable to an hour of easy riding. I do this early in the morning because the elevator is available, and there is nobody gawking at me while I am sweating profusely on the way down to the first floor.

And always remember that a day off now and then is beneficial. So don't sweat it, just tell yourself your body is recovering so you can hit it hard when you return to your home training.