Schedule of Classes


We are currently enrolling for:

Summer 2024

Fall 2024

Continuing Education


Please read the schedule carefully when choosing your classes to make sure you enroll in the correct session. If you have any questions, please call 903-434-8190. New students will need to apply to NTCC before signing up for classes. Most current students can self-register by logging into their myEagle portal account.


Other Term/Semesters

Use the Find Courses link on the myEagle portal to find course schedules for past semesters not listed on this page.


What course type is right for you?

16-Week Sessions: This is a traditional college semester that gives you plenty of time cover course material. Since the class is spread out over a longer period of time, it may require fewer hours of reading and homework outside of the classroom between each meeting. These can be either face-to-face, fully online or a hybrid of both delivery methods.
10-Week Session: Typically taught over a full summer, these sessions are a great option for students who enjoy a more relaxed pace but don’t want to wait until a regular 16-week semester. These can be taught face-to-face, fully-online or as a hybrid of both instructional delivery methods.
8-Week Sessions: Half of a traditional semester, these classes cover the same amount of content in a condensed timeframe. These classes are fast-paced and may require more outside-of-the-classroom work than longer semesters. While there may be a face-to-face component, most eight-week classes require at least some work to be completed in an online learning environment. We do not advise taking more than two eight-week classes at the same time. However, it is common for students two take two courses in the first eight-week session and then two more in the second eight-week session to equal a full-time course load.
5-Week Sessions: Like the eight-week classes, five-week sessions move very quickly and cover a lot of course material in a short period of time and will involve at least some online learning components. We do not advise taking more than one five-week session at a time.
Intersession: These are the shortest sessions NTCC offers.  These can be completed in as few as three weeks (depending on term) and are almost exclusively offered online. We only recommend taking one of these courses at a time, as they are extremely rigorous. Students often choose these sessions to retake classes or add a course they need for their degree between longer terms.