NTCC IT Checklist

Follow the steps below to begin your journey at NTCC. Computer Services takes great pride in the service we provide to all users. The most important thing you can do is set up your NTCC email on your mobile device for easy, quick access! Please refer to step 2 for detailed instructions. If you need immediate assistance, send an email to ithelp@ntcc.edu. Please be sure to provide your PHONE NUMBER so that we can contact you immediately. YOU MUST USE YOUR NTCC EMAIL ACCOUNT to submit a ticket. All other email domains are blocked to prevent spam. You can also text or call 903 434 8140.

**Chromebooks and tablets/mobile devices are not recommended for completing your class work**.
Please keep in mind that we do have a computer lab open to students located in the Learning Commons. The lab is open during normal business hours.

Also, checkout our YouTube channel for several useful how to videos HERE.

You will not be able to complete steps 4-5 until you have registered for a course. 


Useful QR CodesDo Not scan with Onelogin APP. You must use your native camera App.

OneLogin Reset

Reset you NTCC password?

Click "Forgot Password"

For immediate assistance, log into your email account by going to https://outlook.office365.com and send an email to ithelp@ntcc.edu

You will be required to use the OneLogin app each time you sign in. DO NOT DELETE THE APP FROM YOUR PHONE. If you need to reset your OneLogin account, go to https://reset.ntcc.edu 


Please watch the video a couple of times before attempting to follow the instructions. This process should only take you about 3 minutes.


You can access OneLogin directly by going here: https://ntcc.onelogin.com

Please send an email to ithelp@ntcc.edu if you need assistance or do not own a smartphone. Be sure to include your PHONE NUMBER so that we can help you immediately. Please note that you are only required to perform the 2 factor function once every 90 days. Simply click “Remember Me” after you first sign back in to the OneLogin environment.

Go to the app store of your device and install microsoft outlook. Sign in using your full NTCC email address, which is your first initial+full last name+last 3 digits of your social security number. Jane Doe with the last 3 digits of the social security number of 111 would be jdoe111@ntcc.edu. 

You can access your email directly by going to https://outlook.office365.com

Your NTCC email account is the official communication channel used at NTCC. All important correspondence such as Financial Aid information, Business Office information, and communication from instructors will come to this email. It is important that you access your email as often as possible. 

Please Note that forwarding a NTCC Email Account to an outside email address is blocked by our NTCC Security Policy and will not work.

Microsoft Teams is a great communication tool at Northeast. Go to the app store of your mobile device and install Microsoft Teams. Click Here Install Your instructor may use TEAMS for your course. You may also message faculty, staff, and other enrolled Northeast students using the application.

Click Here to install for Desktop / Laptop



All NTCC students get FREE access to the full Microsoft Office suite for up to 5 devices. Please keep in mind that Microsoft Access is not compatible with Mac. You will need access to a Windows PC in order to get Microsoft Access.  See the video below for a step by step tutorial.

1. First navigate to office.com and sign in with your student email (First initial, Last Name, Last 3 of social, @ntcc.edu)

2. Setup two factor authentication by entering in your cell phone number and following prompts.

3. Then click Install Office > Office 365 Apps > Then follow prompts


The first step is to install BOTH of the following browsers on your PC: 

Firefox Download :: Chrome Download 

To use Blackboard effectively and avoid issues, the software below should be installed:

Please be follow these steps to turn off pop up blockers. Several 3 party programs such as Mindtap and Mathlab will require this step to function properly. 

  1. Open Appstore
  2. Search for "Blackboard"
  3. Install
  4. Open blackboard App
  5. Type in "northeast texas community college".
  6. Selesct "northeast texas community college".
  7. Click "Continue with Web-Login"
  8. Enter your NTCC email address then Click "Continue".
  9. Enter password, then "Continue".
  10. Accept onelogin notification.
  11. Skip or Remember
  12. Agree to terms
  13. ALL Done

Respondus LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. When you use Respondus LockDown Browser you are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications. When an assessment is started, you are locked into it until the exam is submitted for grading.

  • Assessments are displayed full-screen and cannot be minimized
  • Assessments cannot be exited until submitted by users for grading
  • Task switching or access to other applications is prevented
  • Print, Print Screen and capturing functions are disabled
  • Copying and pasting anything to and from an assessment is prohibited
  • Screen capture, messaging, screen-sharing, virtual machine, and network monitoring applications are blocked from running
  • Right-click menu options and function keys are disabled
  • Browser menu and toolbar options are disabled, except for Back, Forward, Refresh and Stop

Click Here to download Respondus Lockdown Browser.

This installation will create an icon on your desktop. To begin an exam that requires Respondus Lockdown Browser, you must click on that icon to enter Blackboard or the test link will not open.

You can use Respondus Lockdown Browser on an ipad if the instructor has set the correct parameters for the exam.

Click here to get instructions of how to use Respondsus Lockdown browser on ipad.

  • Consult Instructor

Most online classes and some face-to-face classes require proctored exams throughout the semester. By default, you will be expected to make arrangements with the NTCC Testing Center to take the exam. If the course Start Here folder contains references to proctored exam and you are in the situation where travel to campus can not be arranged, let your instructor know within the first week or so of the semester so other arrangements can be made.

Below you will find links to resources you may need when taking Proctored Exams.

Proctorio is a remote proctoring software which, when installed in your web browser, monitors the test takers. Note: Proctorio only works on Google Chrome. If you don't have Chrome downloaded in your laptop, you can always download it by using this link which will guide you through the steps Mac or Windows


  • Respondus Monitor

Some courses may require you to use Respondus Monitor. This does not require additional software be installed, but does require the use of a computer webcam and microphone. When the exam is set to require Respondus Monitor, you will go to Blackboard using Respondus Lockdown Browser, navigate to your exam and at that time you will be asked to enter the one time $10 fee. You may use credit card for this purchase. This will cover all exams for that class only. Each class is an additional $10 fee, but all exams in that class will be covered with by this payment. Before the exam will begin, you will be asked to show your student ID and scan your surroundings to demonstrate the resources you will be using. In addition to the usual restrictions provided by Respondus Lockdown Browser, you will also be recorded as you take the exam and that recording will be reviewed by the instructor for any adherence to the guidelines outlined for the exam.

Demo of Using Respondus Monitor

Help with Troubleshooting Monitor

Respondus Monitor verifies your identity and records your surrounding while taking an exam. Your exam will be taken using Blackboard and Respondus Lockdown Browser. A $10 per semester per course fee is paid by the student.

Illustrated Instructions - Student Use of Monitor

Click here to learn more and access resources and policies.

  • Remote Proctor Now

If your class does not use Blackboard to administer your exam, you will need to use Remote Proctor NOW to record your testing environment and verify your identity. A $15 per exam fee is paid by the student.

Click here to learn more and access resources and policies.


Overview for Students

Student Quick Start Guide

System Requirements

Click Here to Learn More and access resources and policies



Cell Phone instructional video Click Here

Computer instructional video Click Here

Computer Services recommends obtaining a Windows 10 PC with the following specifications:

1. i5 core processor
2. 8 GB of Ram
3. 256 GB solid state drive (SSD)

We have several laptop options available in the bookstore that have been reviewed and recommended by NTCC's IT team HERE.
**Chromebooks and tablets/mobile devices are not recommended for completing your class work**.
Please keep in mind that we do have a computer lab open to students located in the Learning Commons.
The lab is open during normal business hours.

Follow this link to update the cell phone number that NTCC has on file. It is very important that you keep your phone number current as this is the phone number that all emergency alerts will go to. Computer Services makes every attempt to call you when you submit a ticket. Please make sure your phone number is accurate so that we can assist you in a timely manner.