It takes a tragedy for some of us to prioritize our health. The heart attack victim finally quits smoking and begins a walking program. A father uses his seat belt for the first time following his son's head-on collision. We can be without disease, but unhealthy. Just because you do not have diabetes or a heart disorder, you may not be symptom-free. If you have frequent backaches, headaches, or stomachaches, it is time to reevaluate your health and exercise program. Do not wait for a mishap to straighten out your life. Focus on your wellness today. The Your heart doesn't know whether you are walking and using your SportCord, or riding an elliptical trainer.

If you purchase a SportCord or Aquajogger try some of the following tips:

l. Mentally prepare yourself for your training session. Imaginethe feeling of reaching your goals.

2. Take the phone off the hook and lock the doors. This is yourtraining time.

3. Put on your favorite music, turn the television on, or remain in silence.

4. Use a mirror to monitor your form.

5.Watch the video that comes with your SportCord to check for proper body control.

6. Have easy access to water.

7. Tie your shoes and get started. Once your endorphins kick in,there is no turning back.

Find a partner or Aquajog by yourself. Split up your program into two thirty-minute sessions or one hour-long Aquastroll. It does not matter. Enjoy your Aquawalk. Walk in the morning before breakfast. Or in the evening after dinner. Walk once or twice each day. Start off slow. After about five minutes of strolling, do some light stretching in the water. Speed up if the mood strikes. You may break into a jog now and then. Jog in an upright position. Keep your elbows bent and your forearms parallel to the ground just as you would on land. Breathe deep from your diaphragm. If you feel winded, slow down to a walk. Pay attention to your body

Most people start Aquajogging too fast. Only fifty percent of those who begin an exercise program continue for three months or more. The key is to start off slowly and increase your speed gradually. Aquawalk ten minutes on your first day. Two days later repeat the same program. Train at a pace where you can comfortably talk, although your breathing may be slightly labored. Take a day off and then hit the water again. Ten-minute workouts are fine for your first week. On week two, increase your exercise time by two minutes. Each week thereafter add two minutes to your workout until you reach a maximum of sixty minutes.