Motivation/Changing Habits

Sometimes there may be no goal. No competition. Nobody to impress. No motivation. Try something different. Aquajogging is an exciting new workout.

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Any activity is exercise. Your spouse, coach, or teacher cannot motivate you. Motivation comes from within. Some have a burning desire to improve while others do well to show up. Breaks are natural, and moderation fuels motivation over the long haul; obsessiveness does not.

If you really hate to train, ask yourself:

a. Are you working out too hard?
b. Are you working out too much?
c. Do you feel alone?

A. Month 1: Make your training a habit.

1. Do not miss any workouts for your first month.

2. Clear your schedule to be sure of no conflicts.

3. If you dread exercise, tell yourself you can quit after a month.

4. Reward yourself after each workout with a cold drink.

5. After a month, evaluate your progress.

B. Month 2: Enjoy your training.

1. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to other exercisers.

2. Set training goals based on your potential.

3. Make it a point to ask a fitness expert about your progress.

C. Month 3: Put your heart in your training.

1. Each time you train, work on a specific goal (i.e. speed, intensity, flexibility.)

2. Put your heart and soul into your training.

3. Work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

4. Give one hundred percent of yourself to each of your workouts.

5. Practice the finer points and details of your activity.