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There will be days when you would rather prop your feet up in front of the television with a bag of chips. But consider Joan Benoit Samuelson. Years ago, before running was fashionable she trained on rural roads. When she heard cars approaching she darted into the grass and pretended to pick flowers.

Weeks before her Olympic marathon debut she was required to undergo knee surgery. Thanks to her Sportsmedicine rehabilitation program, not only did she recover in time to compete, she won a gold medal. Years and thousands of miles later Benoit-Samuelson continues to run. Not for the gold, just for fun.

Ana Quirot of Cuba was severely burned. Prior to her mishap, she was an elite runner.Ana vowed to run again.

A month after her accident she could barely complete a mile in nine minutes.Her strength and endurance increased daily using sportsmedicine principles. Soon she was as fast as before. She won a silver medal in the 1966 Summer Centenniel Games.

Gymnast, Kerri Strug fell from the uneven bars in a training event. Her injuries were catastrophic. There was doubt whether she would walk again. By and by sportsmedicine doctors whittled her back into shape. Kerri knew about pain. She landed gingerly on an injured leg to give America it's first gold medal in women's team gymnastics.

Kim Batten, a 400 meter hurdler was rushed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy prior to the World Championships. The night before the race she dreamed she would win in record time. She did.

Jenny Keim was an eight year old gymnastics prodigy. An injury forced her to quit. A few years later she found herself on the United States Olympic Diving Team.