Webb Society

Walter Prescott Webb Society of NTCC in 2013

<h5>Above: Walter Prescott Webb Society of NTCC in 2013 While Filming the Story of Wright Patman in Jefferson, Texas</h5>


NTCC’s Walter Prescott Webb Society is devoted to increasing awareness of our Texas historical heritage.  We are led by professors and scholars in NTCC Honors: www.ntcc.edu/honors. NTCC's Webb Society has written, developed and produced several films on Texas History. These are available on the film page.

Our Webb Society has also developed a grant proposal for the gift of Caddo artifacts given to the college by Mrs. Hinton. These artifacts are currently displayed at the NTCC library, but our proposal hopes for a more impressive museum to house these priceless works which may be valued at $500,000.

 If you have any questions about our Webb Society or would like to join, please contact Dr. Andrew Yox: 903-434-8229 or ayox@ntcc.edu.