Requesting Accommodations

lease follow these steps when requesting potential reasonable accommodations:

1.)    Review the “Reasonable Accommodations” policy and procedure statement by clicking on the available links within this document, on the bottom of this page, or on the side toolbar

2.)    Complete the Request for Accommodations Form available on the “Forms” page.  You may download, print, and complete the paper copy of the form which is located on the Forms page or complete the form online.

3.)    Contact the Office of Special Populations and the Special Populations Coordinator to set up an appointment to meet, discuss, and establish possible accommodations. 

        a.       If you submit the Online Request for Accommodations Form, you will have options on how to submit the proper documentation:

  1. You can submit your documents as attachments online with your request for accommodations
  2. You can bring the documents with you to your initial appointment
  3. You can fax, email, or mail the documents to the proper destinations listed below:

Keep in mind that proper documentation is considered your original, signed, and on official letterhead from a certifying professional in the area of the student's disability. The documentation must address the following:

             i.      Identification of the specific disability and functional limitation

            ii.      Prognosis (permanent or temporary and, if temporary, the anticipated duration.)

            iii.      Recommendations for specific accommodations.



     b.      For paper copy submissions, the Request for Accommodations Form, along with the proper documentation must be brought to the appointment with the Special Populations Coordinator.

c.       If you wish, you may email, mail, or fax your paperwork to the Office of Special Populations prior to your appointment.  It is your responsibility to ensure all of the necessary paperwork is submitted in a timely manner. 


Mail: Northeast Texas Community College

      ATTN: Office of Special Populations
      PO Box 1307
      Mt. Pleasant, TX  75456

Fax = (903) 434-4432 – ATTN: Office of Special Populations

4.)    Accommodation requests will not be reviewed until both the request and documentation are available to the Special Populations Coordinator.  Requests will be processed as they are received.

5.)    Once you meet with the Special Populations Coordinator and accommodations are approved, the Coordinator will work with faculty and staff as appropriate.

6.)    Each student who is offered accommodations is required to sign the Accommodation Acceptance Form which will be provided by the Special Populations Coordinator once accommodations are agreed upon.

7.)    The Special Populations Coordinator will also contact each instructor via email with the appropriate information.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact their instructors and make any necessary arrangements at the beginning of each semester accommodations are being provided.