Terminology & Definitions

Northeast Texas Community College Taxing District: The three Texas counties of Camp, Morris, and Titus.

Dependent student: Student is a minor (under age 18) and/or is claimed as a dependent on parent/legal guardian’s federal income taxes

Domicile: Overt actions that indicate intent to make Texas the student, parent or legal guardian’s permanent home after residing in Texas for 12 consecutive months. Establishment of a domicile may be proven with documentation of one of the following:

  • Purchase of a home (deed of trust)
  • Employment – Student (full time/letter from employer)
  • Parent/legal guardian transferred to Texas to accept employment (letter from employer)

Independent student: Student is not a minor (under age 18) and has not been claimed on a parent/legal guardian's federal income taxes for the prior year to enrollment

Non-resident of Texas: Student who has not lived in Texas one full year prior to enrolling and/or has not established a domicile in Texas and foreign students who are not eligible to domicile in the U.S.

Texas resident: A citizen, national or permanent resident of the United States or an alien who has been permitted by Congress to adopt the United States as his or her domicile while in this country, or a foreign student who meets the residency requirements of having established a domicile in Texas.

Transition student: Transition from dependent to independent or independent to dependent based on the above definitions. Residency classifications are based on the person who claimed the student for federal income tax purposes the year prior to enrollment. If the student has not been independent for one full tax year (January - December) the residency classification will be based on the parent/legal guardian's address.