Spring/Summer Move-Out

Move-Out and Closing

If you are not returning to Residence Life, we hope you have enjoyed your time with us and that you will take many wonderful memories with you as you depart. Additional information about move-out and proper cleaning procedures can be found below.


May/Summer Closing

Prepare for Move-Out

Spring 2023 Residence Hall Closing & End-of-Year Procedures

Finals Week Quiet Hours

Continuous (24-hour) quiet hours begin at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 5 and continue until the hall closes on May 12. Please respect others’ needs to sleep and study. Failure to observe quiet hours may result in conduct referral or being required to check out early.

Residential halls close Friday, May 12 at 5pm. All students must check out of the hall by that time. Failure to do so will result in a charge of $25 per day for each additional day in the residence facility.  You are expected to properly check out and leave the building within 24 hours of your last final exam (unless specific college obligations require additional time, and you should share that information with Housing@NTCC.edu for approval).

  • Some students prefer to check out after classes end then commute during finals week. You may begin your checkout process with your Housing Staff/RA at any time if you want to move out early.
  • You are encouraged to schedule your final room inspection with the RAs in your hall’s office.  If you do not schedule a time, you will risk waiting until staff is available to conduct your final inspection. Please connect directly with your staff member, as you are responsible for meeting all closing procedures.
  • In addition to any damage assessments, a $50 fine will be assessed for improper check-out


Think you are ready to check out? Go over this list to be sure!

  • Doors – Cleaned, free of decals, door number intact and in good condition
  • Floors – Cleaned, mopped, and dry/vacuumed
  • Windows – Window sill(s) clean, stickers/writing removed, locked
  • Blinds – Clean, down, slats open, no knots in the cord
  • Beds – Reassembled, mattress flat, pulled away from the wall 6 inches
  • Desk – Clean, drawers empty and open, stickers removed
  • Dresser – Clean, drawers 1/3 open
  • Furniture – UN-STACKED and pulled 6 inches away from wall
  • Walls – Clean, tape/putty/double-stick pads/stickers removed, writing/drawings removed
  • Bathroom – Clean and all items removed
  • Refrigerator – Defrosted, cleaned, and dry
  • Trash – Remove all food and trash.  All unwanted items are to be placed in dumpsters located in the parking lots
  • Thermostat – Set at 76 degrees and fan at low speed (if applicable)
  • Bathroom
    • Cabinets - Clean, door open
    • Medicine Cabinet – Clean, door open
    • Toilet Bowl/Tank – Cleaned
    • Shower – Walls and floor cleaned
    • Shower curtains removed (if applicable)
    • Floors – Cleaned, mopped


For More Information Contact

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