Students who are not currently living on campus may apply to be reimbursed for their housing and meal costs from March 22nd through the end of the term. The application is available online at the link below and must be completed by April 15th to be considered for reimbursement.

Completing the application is not a guarantee that funds will be available. Students whose housing and meal costs were paid for by institutional scholarships will not be eligible for reimbursement. Students with an outstanding account balance greater than their reimbursement amount will not be eligible to receive funds. If the account balance is less than the reimbursement amount students will receive the remaining funds after the balance is paid.

If you are eligible to receive funds there are two options for you to consider. We can issue a refund or we can apply the credit towards your summer NTCC costs. Students on financial aid who are considering a credit should check with the financial aid office prior to applying for reimbursement.

Please remember that the deadline to apply for reimbursement is April 15th.


You will have to login to the Portal to complete this application.


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