Application Process

Attention, prospective students!
The deadline for Spring 2024 applications is November 1, 2023. All applications received after November 1, 2023, will be placed on the waiting list.

Spring 2024 starts January 16th!

  1. Apply to Northeast Texas Community College
  2. Apply to the Funeral Service Education Program
  3. Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)-if necessary or review other financial options.
  4. Are you Texas State Initiative Assessment or TSI exempted? You can view your TSI status in your student portal under the "Advising" tab. Should you need to take take the TSI assessment. Verify exemption by contacting Admissions at 903-434-8122 or
  5. Begin your Hepatitis B Vaccination Series and be sure to retain your record. Proof of vaccination will be required on the first week and various times during your program.

Apply to the Funeral Service Education Program:

Applications are accepted all year long, for both Fall (deadline July 1st) and Spring (December 1st) admissions. Applications are considered in the order received. Course registration secures a seat in the course, applications do not. You will work with the Funeral Service Program & Student Coordinator to complete your enrollment process and registration into funeral service courses. Funeral Service Advising is done within the program and not though student services.

Review Process:

Application reviews will not be performed until after the applications have been received to both NTCC and the Funeral Service Education program. Course Schedules will be built after you have completed your Admissions Process and you have taken your TSI assessment or have been found to be exempted.


ALL new Funeral Service students will be required to attend virtual orientation to maintain enrollment in funeral service classes. Virtual Orientation is held on the first day of class during the Fall or Spring semesters.

For More Information Contact

Olga Retana