Dual Credit Tuition Costs

NTCC charges a flat tuition rate for dual/concurrent credit students. Additional course materials charges may apply to each class.

$55 per credit hour

$165 per 3 – hour course
$220 per 4 – hour course

$0 for FAST program qualifiers


FAST Program Students (Financial Aid for Swift Transfer)

The FAST program provides funding to participating public institutions of higher education so they can offer dual credit courses to educationally disadvantaged students at no cost to these students. A student qualifies for FAST if they are enrolled in Dual Credit classes while attending a public high school. They must have qualified as “Economically Disadvantaged” in his/her high school preceding the four years prior to the beginning of the Dual Credit classes. Students are not charged for tuition or required materials.

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FAQs for HB-8


*Homeschool students are not eligible for FAST. However, they do receive the $55 rate.