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Distance Education courses provide students the ability to plan their school schedules around their lives rather than planning their lives around their school schedules. But not all students are well suited for a distance-learning course. The following survey can help you determined whether a distance education course would fit your lifestyle and needs.



The mission of the Office of Distance education at Northeast Texas Community College enhances access to higher education by offering programs and courses through electronic and off-campus delivery. Distance education ensures that the quality of electronically-delivered and off-campus courses is comparable to that of on-campus courses through excellent faculty and student support and through ongoing evaluation.



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Since its founding as the Virtual College of Texas in 1998, DigiTex has facilitated inter-institutional course sharing across the state, with more than 50,000 students accessing courses needed for completion of credentials. We recently partnered with Acadeum for more effective and efficient course sharing in Texas and potentially beyond.


Please contact Dr. Miles Young at myoung@ntcc.edu or 903-434-8257 for more information. Courses completed through DigiTex will be entered into the student's official NTCC transcript and proof of credits awarded to student will be available upon request.”