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Social work is a rewarding profession that promotes social change.   Social workers help others who are vulnerable, while making a difference in people’s lives.  Social work provides a variety of career paths in areas of child welfare, human trafficking, homelessness, criminal justice, mental health, addiction, and community promotion.



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Social Work, AS

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Social Workers significantly affect the lives of many people. Members of the profession plan and furnish services to people of all ages, races, creeds, and educational levels. The undergraduate professional curriculum is built upon and integrated with a beginning professional level of proficiency in self-critical and accountable use of generalist social work knowledge, skills and values.

Is “Social Work” for You?

Social workers are compassionate individuals who want to help others struggling to overcome a challenging obstacle.  If you want a career that is diverse, rewarding, and meaningful, social work is for you.  Be a voice for someone who cannot speak!

Northeast Texas Community College and Texas A & M University - Commerce have entered into an articulation agreement to provide a seamless transition for students who complete the Associate of Science Degree in Social Work at Northeast to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work at Texas A&M University - Commerce.

The major consists of 60 semester hours, 51 semester hours of which are in social work. The remainder are in the supporting disciplines of psychology and sociology. A second major or minor is not required for social work majors. Students seeking a Bachelor's degree in social work must complete both the course requirements for the social work major and the required University Studies courses (please refer to that section of the catalog for a listing of acceptable courses).

The undergraduate Social Work Program requires that students take ANTH 114 as their social behavioral science and that the student have a course in human biology.

To ensure that the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for beginning generalist social work practice are acquired and integrated by the student in an orderly progression, the curriculum is carefully sequenced. Prerequisites and concurrent enrollment requirements are strictly observed. Due to the complexity of the curriculum, students are expected to obtain advisement by a social work faculty member prior to registration each semester.

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