Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences studies the human condition at both the individual and societal level, across time and space. Highly skilled faculty help students develop real-world problem solving skills through critical thinking and analysis. Students explore the relationship between ideas and realities, both inside and outside the classroom. Classes within the Social Sciences offer unique experiential learning opportunities, and several team-taught courses that foster interdisciplinary thinking. Our goals include helping high school and non-traditional students transition to college and be prepared to excel when transferring to a four year college.


Our faculty provide close mentoring relationships and hands-on, interactive learning opportunities. Depending upon the course taken, students in the Social Sciences have the opportunity to explore the college’s Caddo Indian pottery collection, visit a local mental health facility, meet the needs of those with food insecurity, visit local city council meetings, take a multi-cultural field trip to an Italian opera or Indian restaurant, and conduct meaningful research for cash prizes.


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