Admissions Criteria for PTA Program

The admissions procedure is based on a point system utilizing the following criteria:

  • Grade Points - In PTA core curriculum courses 25%
  • Anatomy and Physiology GPA 15%
  • Observation Hours 10%
  • Essay 5%
  • Reference Forms 10% (Employer/supervisor=most points followed by teacher/instructor, pastor/counselor, and friend in that order)
  • HESI A2 test score 10%

Information regarding registering for and taking the HESI A2 exam can be obtained by contacting Elayne Peters at 903-434-8272 in our Testing Center or you may e-mail her at


Bonus Points: Applicants have the opportunity to add bonus points by having the following:

  • Being an in district resident = 1 point
  • Advanced degree (highest degree earned)
    • Bachelors of Science or greater = 1 point
    • Other Bachelors or greater =.5
    • Associates Degree = .25
  • Previous complete application submitted to program = .5 point


Once these are tabulated, the highest ranking candidates are chosen for an interview. Candidates granted an interview are assigned an onsite writing assignment and interviewed by the committee. The onsite writing assignment is graded for grammar, punctuation and organization. Each interviewer scores the applicant. The interview scores are then averaged and the final scores compiled:

Onsite writing = 5%
Interview = 20%


After the final scores are tabulated the top 16 students will be offered a position in the class. Eight alternates will also be chosen based on the next ranking scores. Those applicants selected for admission will be given an opportunity to accept or decline admission for this year. Those applicants not selected will be provided information about the re-application process.

Northeast Texas Community College will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, or age in its education programs, activities or employment policies.

Please note: A felony conviction may affect a graduate's ability to sit for the NPTE.

For More Information Contact

Bree McAdams-Thompson