As an instructor of physical education, the first and foremost precept is to “first do no harm”. It is very important that the instructor get to know the needs and goals of each student along with their history to ensure that performance is enhanced without incident.

The instructor’s passion for fitness will help students to motivate themselves to reach their lifetime exercise goals. Although all students have the capacity to learn, the desire to learn and excel is vital to the student-instructor relationship.

Students learn habits from the instructor. If the instructor is not a good role model, students are less likely to work hard and achieve. An instructor must demonstrate to students that he will work hard to bring out their best.

The instructor creates an atmosphere that fosters motivation and performance enhancement.  Students develop new skills that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The basic concept of “Show-Tell-Do” works well for most student learning, but there will be some cases where extra attention is required. In every class there are a few students who need that extra push.

Respect for the instructor must be earned, and respect for students is a must. This also translates into respect that each student shows for one another.

Lifetime fitness is a process that never ends.  


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