CE Registration and Policies

How to Register for a Continuing Education Course

Note: Continuing Education courses do not require an application to NTCC in order to register.
You will find information on how to register on each of our program pages.

Online Registration
Career programs have program-specific applications to complete, and those are linked on their respective pages. Community enrichment programs have online registrations linked on their respective pages as well.

In-Person Registration
If you’d like to stop by our office and fill out a paper registration form, we have those available as well.

Contact our Department for any other questions regarding registrations.

Continuing Education Payment Policy

Payment must be made at time of registration in order to enter the class or program. Payment can be processed via credit card over the phone. Payment by cash or check can be made in our office. Online payment plans are available for Health Science CE programs. Payment plans are set up in the MyEagle portal, and 50% of the cost must be paid by the first scheduled class date. 

If no payment is made by the scheduled start date, then the student will be dropped from the course and their spot will no longer be secured.

Continuing Education Drop Policy

If you are unable to attend your registered class, please submit a written drop request to continuinged@ntcc.edu as soon as possible.

Continuing Education Refund Policy

If you submit your written drop request before the first day of class, you are eligible for a 100% refund. If the written drop request is submitted before the second day of class, you are eligible for an 80% refund. No refunds will be offered after the second class day. You must contact the Continuing Education Department with your written drop request. Exceptions may be made to the refund policy if a student needs to drop for the following reasons:

  • The student, a member of the student’s family, or a person of equally important relationship to the student experiences a serious illness or other debilitating condition.
  • The student becomes responsible for the care of a sick, injured, or needy person.
  • There is a death in the student’s family or of a non-family member of equally important relationship.
  • The student or a member of the student’s family, or a person of equally important relationship to the student, is called to active duty service as a member of the Texas National Guard or the armed forces of the United States.
  • There is a change of the student’s work schedule that is beyond the student’s control.
  • The College determines that there is other good cause for the student to drop the course.

Continuing Education Grading Policy

The grading system used within the Continuing Education and Corporate Training department is as follows:

  • P = Pass, F =Fail

Drops will not show up on the student's transcript.

There is no grade point average (GPA) found in this grading system. 

Grade changes must be requested by the faculty member who issued the grade. Approval of the Director of Continuing Education and Corporate Training is required. Requests for a grade change must be made before the completion of the next fiscal year.

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