Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Success FAQs

When does the program take place?

The Summer Success Program takes place during the Summer 1 session (June 3rd through July 9th) at NTCC.

Do I have to attend NTCC next fall in order to be in this program

This program is for any graduating senior who plans on attending college next year, whether it’s at NTCC or any other college.

Do I have to take certain classes?

No, you can take any class offered at NTCC, but you will need to take the course that is associated with the program.

When does the program class meet?

The class meets once a week from 12:30 to 2:00 (on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday).

Is the class for college credit, and how much does it cost?

Yes, it is a one credit hour course, and the student is responsible for the cost of the course and any books/material that may be associated with the course. If the student qualifies for summer aid, it may be used to pay for the course.

What happens if I drop the program class?

You cannot drop the course if you are in the program. However, if you drop out or, are removed from the program, you will be responsible for the cost of the class.

Why do I need reliable transportation?

Your meal plan will only include lunch, you will be responsible for your breakfast and supper. The dorms do have kitchenettes that include microwaves and refrigerators, but there is no stove. You will cook some meals, but you may occasionally need to go to town (or home) to eat. Checkout will be Thursdays at 4pm and you will need transportation to go home for the weekend.

Why is the program only Sunday through Thursday?

Classes are Monday through Thursday. Therefore, you will be allowed to stay in the dorms the night before 6 pm on Sundays. However, this is a transitioning program, and no services are available over the weekends. Checkout will be Thursdays at 4 pm.

Would it be possible to stay in the dorms on the weekends even though there is not any programming taking place those days?

Yes, we remind you there are no activities or meals.

If I have a friend who qualifies and wants to be in the program, can we room together?

Yes (as long as you are the same sex.)

What other things might I need to know?

All students must have the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine to live in the dorms. You must have this vaccine before you can start the program.

Can I participate in Work4College and Summer Success at the same time?


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