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The NTCC chapter of PSI Beta was established May 5th, 1987. Out of the 14 Psi Beta chapters in Texas, we are the 4th oldest. (McLennen CC 1st, Navarro CC 2nd, Collin CC 3rd)

Primary Advisor: Dr. Karyn Skaar 

Current 2023 Fall Officers are:

President: Scott Polanosky
Vice-President: Nelda Perez
Secretary: Cassee Wilcox
Treasurer: Jo Ann Rodriguez
Historian: Luke McCraw
Parliamentarian: Noah Bernard
Chapter Delegate: Aubrey Watkins


The NTCC chapter of Psi Beta awarded two $500 scholarships in November 2023. Noah Bernard was awarded a transfer scholarship and Scott Polanosky was awarded a scholarship to continue his education at NTCC.


Psi Beta chapters sponsor programs, activities, and participation in community service projects along with opportunities to present research papers at regional meetings, attend national meetings, and compete for national awards. Students are chosen for membership based on their outstanding overall scholarship and their scholarship in the field of psychology. Psi Beta is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society.

What Is Psi Beta?

NTCC PSI Beta facebook page

National PSI Beta page


Psi Beta is the national honor society in psychology for community colleges. Our mission is professional development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship , leadership , research , and community service . The society functions as an association of chapters operated by Psi Beta student members and faculty advisors, coordinated by a national office. Psi Beta participates with Psi Chi, the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, PT@CC, and other psychological organizations at APA, APS, and regional conventions. Membership is offered through the Psi Beta chapter at your college.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Psi Beta Honor Society is to promote professional development of psychology students in two-year colleges through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service. ~Psi Beta National Council, June 9, 1996~

How to Join?

Students become members of Psi Beta by registering through the Psi Beta chapter on their campus. It is not possible to join Psi Beta unless your college has a chapter. So the first thing to do is to determine if your college has a Psi Beta chapter. Ask one of the fulltime psychology professors at your college, contact the student activities office, or visit and search your college website. If your college does not have a chapter, you need to persuade a psychology professor to begin the process of chartering a new chapter. The forms and procedure for starting a new chapter can be found on this website. The national office will do everything possible to expedite the formation of a new chapter at your college.

If your college does have an active Psi Beta chapter, the membership eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. You have completed a college psychology course with a grade of B or higher.
  2. You have completed 12 units of college coursework with a cumulative college GPA of 3.25 or higher, or your GPA is within the top 35% of GPAs at your college.
  3. You have an interest in psychology.
  4. You have good standing in the community.
  5. You pay a $50 one time, lifetime fee.

Note: The eligibility criteria listed above represents the minimum. Local chapters are free to adopt higher standards (e.g., 3.5 GPA).

Downloadable brochure about Psi Beta

NTCC PSI Beta facebook page

National PSI Beta page