Eagle Food Pantry FAQ's

Q: What if I know of a student or coworker on campus who could use the assistance, but they will not come and get the food?
A: Come over and get it for them. We understand that some people do not want to come to the pantry, so you can help by collecting some items for them. The only thing we track is what food we have and how many people visit the pantry.

Q: How do I get food assistance?
A: It is easy. Simply visit the Food Pantry, select the items needed and have a great day.

Q: What does the food pantry need?
A:We are constantly in need of pasta, jar pasta sauce, peanut butter, breakfast foods, macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles and box dinners. These are items that students want, and we can’t keep enough in stock. Foods that can be cooked easily or microwaved are usually popular. Additionally, there is always a need for protein such as tuna, canned chicken and canned meats. We now accept toiletry items including such as travel-sized products and baby products.