Emergency Assistance

We know that college can be challenging and life circumstances can become overwhelming. If you have difficulty meeting some of life’s basic needs due to an unexpected financial emergency, it can threaten your path to academic success.

Don’t suffer in silence.

The Student Emergency Assistance Fund exists to help students cover small, unexpected and non-recurring expenses that threaten academic success and personal wellbeing. When a verified financial emergency threatens your health, safety or ability to focus on school, you may be eligible for assistance.


  • Unexpected academic needs
  • Unexpected housing and living expenses
  • Unforeseen car repairs or transportation issues
  • Family/Medical emergencies
  • Unanticipated loss of employment
  • Other unexpected and non-reoccurring emergencies
  • Must be currently enrolled to apply and at the time of award distribution
  • Must be enrolled half-time, degree seeking and a student in Good Standing.
  • Final determination must be approved through the Emergency Aid Team.
  • You can apply regardless of your citizenship status in the U.S.
  • Provide documentation of recent, short-term emergency need.

Students may apply online using our Emergency Aid Request Form. Students will also find this application in the myEagle Portal under Other Forms on the Forms page.

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