Parking at NTCC


Submit your Parking Sticker Registration From, and Stop by the Student Services Center to pickup your FREE permit.


Parking permits are required for all students, faculty and staff to park at Northeast Texas Community College.

There are two (2) reserved parking areas on campus. The  circle drive by the Student Services Center is for visitors only with 30 minute limit. The parking by the Instructional Annex is reserved for staff and faculty. These parking lots are posted with signs.

Parking is allowed in designated marked parking lots only. Permits should be located on the exterior rear window on left side of vehicle. Permit should be readily visible. Student parking permits are available in the Student Services Center. Staff and faculty permits are available at Human Resource Department.

 Fine Schedule for Campus
Parking Violations


Visitors area (circle drive)      $15.00
Blocking trash receptacles      $15.00
Blocking driveway      $15.00
Parked taking two spaces      $15.00
Parked on walkways or grass area      $15.00
Parked in no parking areas      $15.00
Parked with trailer      $15.00
Parked in Fire Lanes      $30.00
No Parking Permit      $15.00
Parked in space designated handicapped      $180.00