Honors Image Contest

2020 Northeast Texas Image Contest

This year, the winners in this category located scenes of especial grandeur. In first place in this category, winning $70, was James Buckley's "Sunrise over a Wood County Lake."

2020 Sunrise Over A Wood County Lake


In second place, winning $20, was Hannah Barnes' photograph of a Cass County lake.

2020 Cass County Lake



Finally in third place, winning $10 was Cade Bennett's view of an evening sky in Morris County.

2020 Morris County Sky




2019 Northeast Texas Image Contest

In first place, was Verania Leyva-Garcia's Country Morning, taken from the outskirts of Mount Pleasant.

2019 Country Morning




2018 Northeast Texas Image Contest

First Place: Home Sweet Home


Honors Image Contest 2018 - Home Sweet Home


Madison Blood: Blood, a Big Sandy Valedictorian, and 2018 Leader of Promise on the national level, was the winner of the 2018 Chitsey Award, and the premiere 2018 Northeast Texas Image Award.  She presented her work on the history of the horse at the meeting of the Great Plains Honors Council (GPHC) at Oklahoma State in March of 2018.



2nd Place: Mount Pleasant Sunset
Honors Image Contest 2018 - Mt. Pleasant Sunset

Verania Leyva:  Leyva earned a number of blankets and other honors before becoming the 2018 Salutatorian at Mount Pleasant High School (MPHS). She placed second in the 2018 Northeast Texas Image Contest with a photograph of a Mount Pleasant sunset. She has volunteered for Titus County Cares, the Salvation Army, and she played major role as Cindy Chavez, Barbara Conrad’s UT roommate in the honors film concerning Barbara Conrad.


3rd Place: Transformation of a Winfield Coal Mine
Honors Image Contest 2018 - Transformation Winfield Coal Mine

Daniel Landaverde: While at Mount Pleasant High School, Landaverde, was on the Academic All-State football team.  He placed third in the 2018 Northeast Image Contest with a scene showing the transformation of a Winfield coal mine.  He played the role of Dean McCown in the film on Barbara Conrad.