Prize Winning Essays on Northeast Texas

Honors Essays - Kassandra Martinez

Kassandra Martinez
2016 Premiere Bonnie Spencer Prize on Cyclone Davis




Honors Essays - Emmalea Shaw

Emmalea Shaw
2016 3rd Place Caldwell Award on “Blind to Brown: The Story of Integration in Northeast Texas.




Honors Essays - Morgan Capps

Morgan Capps
2015 2nd Place Caldwell Award on the Relationship between Texas Governors, Ma and Pa Ferguson.




Honors Essays - Kayleah Cumpian

Kayleah Cumpian
2014 Boe Award on Wright Patman




Honors Essays - Noah Griffin

Noah Griffin
2013 First-Place Caldwell Award on Morris Sheppard




Honors Essays - Shelby Parker

Shelby Parker
2010 2nd-Place Caldwell and Boe Winner on Bonnie Parker