How does the QEP impact me?


Student learning/student success will be impacted by instructional approaches and innovative integration developed through a collaborative campus approach including academic, service, technology and topic experts on the selected QEP.

Faculty members with responsibility in the didactic portions of the program curricula will be directly involved in offering course content related to the QEP. The program faculty will decide what content will be delivered to meet the QEP student learning outcomes. Not every faculty in the program will be directly involved.

Staff in the academic/service support units will be involved by supporting the colleges as they offer the content.

Campus Security
Because our campus police and safety officers interact directly with the community around the campus, they will provide important contacts for the activities of the QEP. Some of the QEP activities may focus on community-based education. Our campus police can educate students on safety measures when working directly with the communities in Titus County.

Communication & Marketing
This office is responsible for creating digital and print media to inform the campus about the QEP. They created the videos depicting the topics and assisted with the development of the website.

Plant services
Our staff in facilities will continue their extraordinary efforts to make the campus an inviting place for all employees. Depending on the topic selected, there may be a need to renovate spaces on campus for a specific purpose.

Business Office
The Steering Committee will work closely with the Business Office to determine the funding needed to implement the QEP.

Human Resources
The QEP will provide important successes that can be used to recruit excellent employees.

Use of technology to enhance learning is a foundational value in the academy. ITS can listen to end users about their academic/service technology needs and work with them to identify the best resources to meet the needs of those delivering the QEP.

Librarians will be called upon to provide resources to those developing the QEP. After the plan is developed, they will assist faculty members by providing related resources and assisting in the literature review portion.

The QEP will afford the campus opportunities to seek extramural funding to support the activities planned.
Faculty and students will engage in research around the QEP topic with the goal of publications in discipline-specific and peer-reviewed journals. The focus on inter-professional education could have positive impact on the goal to increase interdisciplinary research on campus.