Culinary Arts


Accommodation and food services employs more than 14 million people across the nation. Customer service is the foundation of the culinary arts industry. Positions include chefs, waiters and waitresses, bartenders, food preparation workers, cooks, restaurant managers and related fields.

Culinary chef cooking with open flame

This is a fast-paced work that requires a lot of walking and communicating with customers and coworkers. The atmosphere is exciting and sometimes hot for cooks.


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The goal of NTCC Culinary Arts is to provide you with the training you need to begin a career as a chef or restaurateur. We offer a variety of degree and certificate options that will provide you with the foundation you need to get started in the food services industry.

You'll meet interesting people. If you enjoy cooking, this presents an opportunity to increase your culinary knowledge.


  • You love meeting new people and earning an income based on the service that you provide
  • You like fast-paced, challenging work.
  • You enjoy cooking and creating culinary dishes.
  • You want a career that is in demand and you don't want to attend a 4-year university.
  • You are tactful, self-motivated, work well with othres, out going and slow to anger.

What to Expect

  • Enjoy hands-on-learning from instructors, trained at world-class culinary institutes
  • Experience real world application in a fully functional training facility
  • Learn all of the skills you need to manage a restaurant
  • Prepare for necessary industry licensure exams




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Applying to NTCC's Culinary program:

  1. To apply you must first  Apply to Northeast Texas Community College as a new or returning student




Career Opportunities

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a course of study is what job opportunities are available in a field. With a culinary arts degree or certificate from NTCC, you can prepare for jobs like: Beginning Chef, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Catering Chef, Restaurant Manager and Catering Manager.

Motivated students will also obtain the skills necessary to venture out as an independent restaurateur!


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