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The study of Business Administration at NTCC includes general business, accounting, management, and economics.  These fields offer challenging and gratifying careers and are among the most popular fields of study at universities today.  Business majors find employment in accounting and finance departments, marketing and advertising departments, as well as in the areas of retail, sales, human resources and business consultancy. When you get a degree in Business Administration, you’ll learn skills you’ll use throughout your career, no matter what the economy or the job market looks like. 


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Business Administration is one of the most widely valued degrees in the modern work environment, as it provides a solid grounding in many areas of business and is flexible enough to prepare graduates for employment in many different careers.

Overall, business administration is widely considered to be one of the most promising degrees in terms of potential employment opportunities following graduation, thanks to its flexibility and the range of subjects which it covers.



Many graduates will go on to work in a corporate environment, where  a degree in business administration will equip them with a clear understanding of the business structure and will help to adapt their work accordingly.  Business graduates also often take on specific roles in management and marketing, and currently there is an increasing need for these types of skills in government, international commerce, healthcare, arts, and nonprofit organizations.

In the modern job market, employers are increasingly seeking to find employees with the potential to contribute in multiple areas of the business – or who at least have an awareness of how their work can impact the rest of the company. This awareness is something a business administration degree indicates to them.


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