Clinical Training

The second or clinical phase of the Medical Laboratory Technology Program at NTCC requires the completion of a clinical practicum during the spring and summer semesters of the second year.  Prior to rotations at clinical sites, students must complete a CPR course for health professionals, provide a copy of a successful physical examination signed by a physician that includes a current, up-to-date immunization record, and pass a random drug screen and criminal background check.



  • Paris Regional Medical Center - Paris, TX
  • CHRISTUS Good Shepherd - Longview, TX
  • CHRISTUS St. Michael’s Atlanta - Atlanta, TX
  • CHRISTUS St. Michael’s - Texarkana, Texarkana, TX
  • CHRISTUS Mother Fancis Winnsboro - Winnsboro, TX
  • Wadley Regional Medical Center, Texarkana, TX
  • Titus Regional Medical Center -    Mount Pleasant, TX
  • Longview Regional Medical Center - Longview, TX
  • Hunt Regional Medical Center - Greenville, TX
  • Choctaw Nation Idabel Health Clinic - Idabel, OK
  • McCurtain Memorial Hospital - Idabel, OK
  • Collum and Carney - Texarkana, TX
  • Christus Mother Francis Sulphur Springs - Sulphur Springs, TX
  • UT Pittsburg - Pittsburg, TX
  • UT Quitman - Quitman, TX



Assignment to clinical sites will be based on the following policies: 

  1. Over-all grade point average at the end of the third semester (that is prior clinical rotation). This means a student with the highest grade point average will have preference in clinical site assignment.
  2. Students will be assigned to clinical sites closer to where their homes are as much as possible.
  3. Any clinical site reserves the right to reject any student for any reason based on its policies.
  4. Each clinical site sets the time the student can do his/her clinical training.
  5. Although NTCC has its own drug policies as outlined in the school’s catalog and web-site, each clinical site has its own drug policies that supersedes that of NTCC when it comes to a student’s clinical training. Random drug testing may be performed at the clinical site.
  6. Any student found guilty in terms of any drug abuse will be automatically dismissed from the MLT program.


A student may be hired by a clinical affiliate only if he/she has successfully completed the training in the area of the clinical laboratory that he/she will be employed. HOWEVER, no service work will be allowed during the regular hours designated for clinical training.  Students must have earned acceptable grades for service work to continue during the clinical rotations.

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