Medical Assitant Program Information

Admission Requirements

Application to the Medical Assisting Program requires the following steps:


  • High School diploma or General Education Development (GED) certificate
  • Application and admission to Northeast Texas Community College
  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematical skills through the THEA or TSI assessment or equivalent testing
  • Completion of prerequisite courses including BCIS 1305, MDCA 1313, and MDCA 1205
  • Submission of a complete application packet to the Medical Assisting program director during a designated filing period


Transfer Students

Students presenting coursework completed outside of Northeast Texas Community College for transfer support courses such as ENGL 1301 for an Allied Health program should compile the following materials and present them to the Director of Medical Assisting at Northeast Texas Community College:

Official College Transcripts:


  • Photocopy of course description of each course to be reviewed from that college’s catalog (course description numbers must match those indicated on the transcript)


The outcome of transfer consideration will be based on order of request, proof of eligibility for transfer, and on a space available basis. The Northeast Texas Community College Medical Assisting program/Health Sciences education division reserves the right to accept or reject any coursework completed outside of Northeast Texas Community College presented for transfer evaluation toward Health Sciences programs.

Registration and Progression

Students majoring in Medical Assisting will enroll in the same manner as other Northeast Texas Community College students. An advisor or Medical Assisting faculty member may assist the student in scheduling courses as needed.

Medical Assisting courses must follow the sequence as given in the college catalog. Supporting courses are considered to be an integral part of the medical assisting curriculum. Therefore, a student will need to complete supporting courses prior to or concurrent with the medical assisting courses as shown on the degree plan in the catalog for the year of attendance.

Students may, and are encouraged to, complete all general or liberal education and supporting courses prior to entering the medical assisting program. Behavioral and biological science courses more than five (5) years old will need to be repeated. Any student requesting an exemption from these guidelines must apply in writing to the medical assisting director. Decisions will be individually based. 

The academic support courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or above in order to continue in the medical assisting program. Course substitutions may be approved at the discretion of the Vice President of Instruction, the Dean of Health Sciences, and the medical assisting director. Students should submit a request for course substitution to the Director of the Medical Assisting program prior to the semester that the course needed is required.

Each student will have a degree plan prepared in consultation with his/her academic advisor or the Director of the Medical Assisting program. It is the responsibility of each student to see that he/she progresses through his/her degree plan as outlined, or arrange appropriate deviation from this plan with his/her academic advisor or with the Director of the Medical Assisting program. The catalog from the year of admission to the medical assisting classes is used as a degree plan unless alternate arrangements have been made with the director. All course work to be used toward graduation should be confirmed with the director prior to the last semester to ensure eligibility for graduation.  

For More Information Contact

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