Senior Adult

Navigating Life through Education, Wellness, and Community

The senior adult program provides and promotes educational and cultural opportunities and support services to improve the quality of life of senior adults in our diverse community. The program assists senior citizens 55 and older with personal enrichment classes that focus on topics they enjoy and also desire to learn something new such as technology (cell phone, computer, social media, paying bills online, and more!)

Through the networking and volunteer experience, seniors gain new opportunities to serve the community as volunteers, enjoy our programs, and learn new things while meeting new people in our classes and activities throughout the year.  

Participants are here for the sheer joy of learning something new and becoming more informed. community includes talented instructors, college professors, and business leaders with categorical expertise in a myriad of subject areas. Students learn from each other, hear and consider opposing ideas, integrate the expertise of the instructor, and ultimately synthesize new knowledge, opinions, and views.

Senior Adult Program Details:

  • Ages 55 and up
  • No degree required
  • Classes are non-credit—no tests, grades or papers to write
  • Special social events, conferences, and specially designed workshops throughout the year


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