Advising Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete myEagle Orientation

Please visit in order to complete orientation. 

I’m the first one in my family to go to college. How do I get started?

It is highly recommended to start the application process 3 months prior to the semester you wish to enroll in order to prevent any delays and to address any issues that may arise.  

Step 1:  Apply for admission to NTCC. 

  • You will complete an Application for Admission at Select the appropriate link (New Student, Transfer, Returning, etc.)  

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid at NTCC’s school code is 016396.

  • The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used to determine eligibility for federal/state aid.

After completing BOTH applications above AND you have received your admission letter with your NTCC Student ID number, bring/send to the Admissions Office the following:

Step 3: Provide OFFICIAL transcripts (high school, GED, or college)

  • First Time in College (less than 12 credit hours, excluding dual credit) = high school/GED & every college required
  • Transfer/Transient (less than 12 hours, excluding dual credit) = high school/GED & every college required
  • Transfer/Transient (more than 12 hours, excluding dual credit) = every college required

To check the status of your transcript(s) arrival to our office, please logon to Campus Connect through your myEagle Portal and choose “Registration > Admissions Status.” A letter “Y” and date will be beside each college name once it has been received and checked in.

Step 4:  Provide OFFICIAL immunization record with proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination, or proof of exemption. (for all students 21 years of age or younger)

If you intend to live on campus, it is REQUIRED, regardless of age, to provide proof of the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine at least 10 days prior to moving in. You will also need to apply for housing as soon as possible by going to the myEagle Portal and completing the online application and submitting the deposit. More information for housing can be found at

Step 5: Provide TSI Assessment or approved alternative placement test scores
Approved alternatives include: exit-level TAKS (STAAR), SAT, ACT, or completed college-level coursework.  Test Scores are REQUIRED for Registration.  NOT required for TSI exempt certificates.  

Step 6: Complete NTCC My Eagle

If you have less than 12 college credit hours, or if you have never been a full-time college student, you MUST complete the online orientation.  Orientation is $20 and can be charged to your account or paid online.  

Step 7: Register for Classes.

  • If you need assistance, Academic Advisors can help you get started.  Advisors are located in the Student Services Center.  


How do I log in to myEagle Portal?

If you are newly admitted, please allow one full business day after your application has been processed for your portal account to be created.

The naming format for your login is first initial + last name + last 3 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). Do NOT follow that with Do NOT include any special characters (commas, apostrophes, hyphens (-).

NOTE: If you did not supply a social security number on your admissions application, you will need to use the last 3 digits of your birth year.

The password is set to your date of birth (DOB) in an 8-digit format, mmddyyyy.

Example 1: Name Bart Simpson, SSN 123-45-6789, DOB January 3, 1989 would have login bsimpson789 and password 01031989.

Example 2: Name Jane Smith-Doe, SSN 123-45-6790, DOB December 12, 1995 would have login jsmithdoe790 and password 12121995.

If you need further assistance, please visit

Why do I need to take the TSI?

The TSI Assessment is a program designed to help Northeast Texas Community College determine if you are ready for college-level course work in the general areas of reading, writing and mathematics. The TSI Assessment will also help determine what type of course that will best meet your needs to help you become better prepared for college-level course work if you are not ready. If you are an incoming college student in Texas, you are required to take the TSI Assessment. Based on how you perform, you may either be enrolled in a college-level course that matches your skill level or be placed in the appropriate developmental course. Please visit for more information on testing.

I sent in my transcripts, have you received them?

You are able to see what documents NTCC has received and those that we still lack regarding your application process.

In your Eagle Portal:

  1. Go to the “Admissions” tab
  2. Go to “Application Progress”
  3. Under “Required Documents”, click on “View Folder Items”

How do I get financial aide?

Please visit the NTCC Financial Aid website,

What is TASFA?

The Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA) is used to collect information to help determine eligibility for state financial aid programs that are administered by institutions of higher education in the state of Texas. Students that are classified as a Texas Resident who cannot apply for federal financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are encouraged to complete the TASFA. To review the FAFSA filing requirements, visit or visit the financial aid office at the institution you plan to attend.

To use this application, you cannot be paying the Texas resident tuition rate due to a waiver such as an in-state scholarship or an assistantship. Nonresidents paying the resident rate due to a waiver are still nonresidents.

Please visit for more information.

I'm trying to add my classes online but it keeps saying I need a "remedial course."

Are you seeking a degree or certificate?

  • If you are seeking a certificate, then please contact the Registrar's office to change your status so that the system will allow you to register online.
  • If you are seeking a degree, then please contact our office to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. We can advise you as to what courses you should register for, and how to go about doing that.

I'm trying to add my classes online but it tells me I need a pre-requisite.

If you are unsure about which course is the pre-requisite to the course you are trying to add, then you might look at the course description in the catalog to determine which course you need first. If you had the pre-requisite at another institution, please contact Admissions, so that they can review your transcript and possibly transfer in that course so that you may register. All other requests to add a course that requires a pre-requisite without having completed the pre-requisite will require permission from the instructor.

The class I want to take is full. Can you get me in?

You must contact and present written permission from the instructor to add a class that has filled. Written permission can come in the form of an add/drop slip signed by the instructor, or an email providing permission.

Why can’t I register myself online?

  • You are a first time student and must meet with an academic advisor.
  • You have a hold on your account.


  • Registration has closed.

Can I register by phone or email?

No, NTCC will not register a student via phone or email.  There are 3 ways for you to get registered:

  1. Come in to the Student Service Center and meet with an Academic Advisor
  2. Register online
  3. Submit Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form

Below are instructions on how to complete a schedule change form:
Login to your portal, click Student, click on the blue box that says academics, then registration, scroll down and look on the right side of the screen and you should see a little box with a plus sign that says Issues with online registration. Complete that form for any add and/or drops by putting the course code, course number, and section number (e.g. ENGL 1301.001). Once this form is submitted it automatically comes to us in a PDF request, which we process daily.

If your form has not been processed, it is because the form has been filled out incorrectly. So, please check your NTCC student email account, and you will find an email with instructions specifying why the form was not processed.


I want to take more than 18 hours in the semester, but can't register for the courses online. What do I do?

In order to take more than 18 hours, download the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form from the “Issues with online registration?” link and write in the course that would put you over 18 hours. That form will need to be signed by the Executive Vice President for Instruction before an advisor can add the course.

I have been dropped from my courses. Why?

  • You might have been dropped from your courses due to lack of payment.
    • Please visit the Business Office for help with payment options.
    • If a class did not make or was cancelled due to lack of enrollment, then you would have been dropped from the course. Please contact an academic advisor if you need help selecting another course.

What is a “W” grade? How does it affect me?

A student who officially withdraws from a course after the twelfth class day but within the first twelve weeks of a regular semester, after the seventh class day but within the first 8 weeks of the summer semester, or after the fourth class day but within the first four weeks of a 5-week summer term will receive a grade of “W” in the course. Students may not withdraw from school or drop classes after this time and receive the grade of “W.” Requests for withdrawal must be made in person, in a written and signed request sent by mail or by FAX, or by email using the student’s Northeast email account only. Emails will not be accepted from other email accounts. Withdrawals will not be accepted by telephone. Please review the NTCC’s Grading Policy in the Catalog for more information.

A grade of “W” is not calculated into your GPA and will not affect your GPA in a negative way. However, a grade of “W” may affect your financial aid eligibility. A grade of “W” is counted toward total hours attempted but not successfully completed. Please review the NTCC’s Financial Aid section of the catalog for more information.

I need a tutor, where can I find one?

Please contact Supplemental Instruction at 903-434-8123 for assistance in finding a tutor, or visit our Tutoring page.

My financial aid/appeal was denied, what do I do now?

Please visit the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Center to check on other resources available.

What do I need to get my parking sticker?

In order to get your parking sticker, you will need to know the following:

  • Student ID#
  • Driver’s License #
  • Plate #
  • Year, Make, Model, Color and Type of your vehicle


How do I mail a package to my son/daughter in the dorms?

All packages shipped to dorm students are received in the College Store.

Place your student’s name in parentheses and mail to:

(Students Name)
Northeast Texas Community College
P.O. Box 1307
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456.


How do I change my major?

In your EaglePortal:

  1. Go to the “Student” tab
  2. Go to the “Academics” tab
  3. Go to the “Change of Major” tab
  4. Complete the “Change of Major Form” and submit it

Please allow 48 hours for your form to be processed.

How do I Opt Out of a course book?

Login to the Portal

  1. Click the Student Tab
  2. Click on Blackboard
  3. Click on your Course
  4. Click on the Start Here Folder
  5. Find your Exclusive  Content (Usually labeled similar to Get your Ebook or Ebook and Access Code)
  6. Click on the link to our website, and your course will be listed, Click on the Green button labeled similar to get your materials
  7. Click on the gray button on the bottom right, labeled Opt Out
  8. Follow the prompts to Opt Out
  9. A refund will be posted to you student account within 3-5 business days after the Census date


How do I request my GED scores?

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down the page until you see “Request your official transcript here.


I lost my student ID card, what do I do?

If you have lost your card, contact the Customer Service Center immediately at 1-866-348-3435 to prevent theft of the funds in your account. The sooner you report a lost or stolen card, you can reduce the liability and reduce the chance of losing your funds. You will also need to go to the Business Office for a new card.

What are the advising hours?

Monday thru Thursday 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Friday 8AM to Noon.  


How do I find someone’s direct line?

My instructor does not have a phone number to contact. How do I contact them?

Some of our instructors are Adjunct and do not have an office or phone number on campus.  Please try contacting them via their email account and allow 24 hours to respond.  If you are still having trouble contacting them, please call an advisor for assistance. 

How do I order a Northeast Texas Community College transcript?

Please visit and follow the link on the page given to request a transcript.  


You may visit the Student Services Center and fill-out a Transcript Request Form.  Forms are located by the front door, next to the sign-in tablets.  


I need an Enrollment Verification, where do I get one?

A request for Enrollment Verification can be made in your student portal.

How do I get an unofficial transcript?

An unofficial transcript can be viewed using your Eagle Portal.

  1. Go to the “Student” tab
  2. Go to the “Academics” tab
  3. Go to the “Transcripts” tab
  4. Go to “View Unofficial Transcript”


I requested a transcript, has it been sent?

Once a transcript requested has been processed and the transcript has been mailed, you will receive an email in your NTCC account letting you know. If you have not received an email, you can call an advisor and we can check the status of your request. Please remember that official transcripts will not be mailed if there is a hold on the student’s account.

I want to study phlebotomy, who do I contact?

Phlebotomy is part of our Continuing Education Program. The office is located in the Student Service Building on the NTCC main campus. Please call 903-434-8134 or visit Continuing Education for more information about the programs they offer.

I can’t log in to my Blackboard?

Please visit the Blackboard Information page under the Students tab in the myEagle Portal for more information regarding your Blackboard account.

How do I know what classes I need to take to graduate?

  1. Log in to your Eagle Portal.
  2. Go to the “Student” tab
  3. Go to the “Academics” tab
  4. Go to the “Registration” tab
  5. Scroll down to the area that states “Add Courses Within Your Degree Plan” and click on the “Click Here to Start” link.
  6. You will be directed to the “Requirements Summary” and you will be able to review the area where status has not been met.