NTCC students conducting research in vertebrate parasitology

students at microscope

Two NTCC science students are utilizing  an independent study opportunity to conduct groundbreaking research on fish parasites. Michael Rodriguez (left) is from Marietta.  He wants to pursue more work in agriculture (he holds an AAS in agriculture) and go into wildlife conservation with a primary interest in restoring land for farming use. George Burrows (right) is a resident of Mt. Pleasant.  He is a sophomore studying biomedical science with plans of pursuing a career in medicine. 

Both are independent study students of Dr. Chris McAllister (Biology Department) who is mentoring them in research in vertebrate parasitology, specifically on fish parasites.  Dr. McAllister hopes for them to collaborate and publish papers in leading scientific journals on their research efforts. Both students plan to present their research at the upcoming meeting of the Southwestern Association of Parasitologists at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, Lake Texoma, Oklahoma, in April.