Eagles Athletic games free for students, staff

baseball image with athletics logo

NTCC Students, Faculty and Staff can attend Eagles games for FREE…but you have to download your digital pass! Here is the reminder of how to access the pass if you have not already done so this school year. If you downloaded the app/pass for the fall it is also good for the spring.

Northeast Texas Community College Athletics is moving to digital tickets for the upcoming 2022-2023 sports seasons. In an effort to help our fan experience, Eagle Athletics is now working with Hometown Tickets to provide online ticket sales.

Patrons can download the Hometown Tickets App to their mobile device, scan a QR Code at the gate, or visit our athletics website to purchase tickets at www.ntcceagles.com.

Current NTCC Students and Staff will be able to download their free season pass from the app by entering their student ID or Employee ID number. The season pass is good for the pass holder only, no friends and family. You will still need to scan in with the ticket booth so we can get an accurate count of attendance each game.

All ticket sales will be handled through Hometown tickets, no cash sales at the gate. Concessions is currently cash only sales at this time. Below is a list of spring home games for both baseball and softball: 

February 1                    Softball vs Weatherford                                    2:00pm             Wed

February 1                    Baseball vs Ark. Rich Mountain                       1:00pm             Wed

February 4                    Softball vs Ark. Rich Mountain                         1:00pm             Sat

February 10                  Softball vs Angelina                                          2:00pm              Fri

February 10                  Baseball vs Cowley College                             1:00pm              Fri

February 11                  Baseball vs Cowley College                             12:00pm            Sat

February 15                  Softball vs North Central TX                             12:00pm           Wed

February 17                  Baseball vs Howard College                             1:00pm             Fri

February 18                  Baseball vs Howard College                             12:00pm           Sat

February 20                  Baseball vs TCS Post Grad                                1:00pm            Mon

February 25                  Softball vs National Park College                      1:00pm            Sat

February 25                  Baseball vs Paris JC                                           1:00pm            Sat

March 3                        Softball vs Southern Ark. CC                              1:00pm            Fri

March 4                       Baseball vs Navarro                                              1:00pm            Sat

March 11                      Softball vs SAGU                                                 11:00am           Sat

March 11                      Baseball vs BPCC                                                 1:00pm           Sat

March 15                      Baseball vs Richland College                             1:00pm            Wed

March 18                      Softball vs Paris JC                                             1:00pm            Sat

 March 18                      Baseball vs Tyler JC                                           1:00pm            Sat

March 20                      Baseball vs Weatherford                                    1:00pm             Mon

March 22                      Softball vs Tyler JC                                             1:00pm            Wed

March 25                      Baseball vs Panola                                              1:00pm            Sat

March 27                      Baseball vs Eastfield                                           1:00pm            Mon

April 1                          Baseball vs Angelina                                          1:00pm             Sat

April 3                          Baseball vs Grayson                                           1:00pm            Mon

April 5                          Softball vs TVCC                                                 1:00pm            Wed

 April 12                        Softball vs Kilgore                                             1:00pm            Wed

April 15                        Baseball vs Paris                                                1:00pm            Sat

April 22                        Softball vs BPCC                                                1:00pm            Sat

April 22                        Baseball vs Navarro                                           1:00pm            Sat

April 26                        Softball vs Navarro                                           1:00pm            Wed

April 29                        Baseball vs BPCC                                              1:00pm            Sat

April 29                        Softball vs Hill College                                      1:00pm            Sat