Facility Rental

Community Room


There are three tiers of facility/room rentals at NTCC.  Listed below are the daily rates.  



  • $50 first two hours
  • $75 for three hours
  • $100 for four hours or more

This includes all classrooms on the main campus and all satellite sites.  Due to these rooms being used on a daily basis and the need for the furniture to stay in place, these rooms are rented as-is and they do not include additional set-up. The two hour minimum allows the College to cover the cost of opening and closing the facility on both weekdays and weekends.


Meeting Rooms – Community Room, Whatley Lobby, Hanson-Sewell Meeting Room
Tier two has the same rates as tier one.  The difference is the Tier two may have an additional set-up fee for tables and chairs if needed.  

  • $1 per chair
  • $10 per table



  • SUB            $600 per day/$300 per half day (up to 4 hours)
  • Our Place        $600 per day/$300 per half day (up to 4 hours)
  • Whatley Theatre     “See Whatley Center Director for more info”
  • Athletic Fields        “See Athletic Director for more info”