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College Navigator
Department: Advising
Phone: 903-434-8191
Office: Student Services Center

Ja’Quacy Minter graduated from Mount Pleasant high school and was a member of the Upward Bound Program here at NTCC! He then went on to earn his Bachelor’s in Communication Studies with a focus in rhetoric, public memory and queer parenthood, from The University of Alabama. Before working as a College Navigator here at NTCC, Ja’Quacy spent four years working as a private Speech & Debate Consultant for high school students in Texas and Alabama. Ja'Quacy is the 2022 Everett Holle Foundation Recipient and as the first openly queer person of color to receive such a prestigious award, he hopes to show underprivileged and underrepresented students like himself that you can “look and be different” and still be successful. While attending The University of Alabama, he was ranked as number 2 in the nation in competitive speech and debate and helped establish speech and debate programs in underprivileged communities. Ja’Quacy has a passion for advocacy, mental health awareness and inclusivity and has had several of his works published in both online and print publications. When he isn't at his desk or helping students navigate the world of academia, he spends his free time writing poetry and watching his nieces grow older. He’s excited to be back here in Mount Pleasant and is looking forward to his time here at Northeast Texas Community College.

Disciplines: Business, Computer Science and Technology