Marketing Guidelines

One role of the office of Marketing and Public relations is to manage the Northeast Texas Community College brand. This involves making sure that any message being delivered regarding NTCC utilizes the appropriate logo, typefaces, colors, etc.

We understand that it is occasionally necessary to design marketing materials within your department. This section of our website is here to help you understand NTCC's marketing guidelines so that you can produce these items in a manner that will look professional and consistent to the brand.

All printed material that will be distributed outside of the NTCC campus must be approved through the office of Marketing and Public Relations. College employees can access the Item/Document Approval Form through the Staff section of the myEagle Portal. This form must be submitted and approved before any materials can be printed or distributed. 

Below, you will find a downloadable PDF of our official branding guidelines. This gives you specific information on how to use the logo brand on marketing materials.

In addition to the branding guidelines, you will also find various versions of the logo below for download. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that materials you produce meet with college brand standards.  

Any logo variation that deviates from the approved branding guidelines should be submitted to the vice president in charge of the department making the request for cabinet-level approval. 

NTCC Branding Guidelines

Download a printable branding guide. Please read this carefully before using the logo and/or brand. Questions can be directed to the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at 903-434-8114.

Social Media

Employees who wish to utilize social media for marketing purposes must obtain written permission from their supervisor and the Director of Marketing and Public Relations before creating an online presence for a college-related program or organization. A clear purpose, audience, and strategy should be defined and the social media outlet should be chosen accordingly (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Once a social network presence has been created, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations and the program director or direct supervisor must be given full administrative privileges or passwords to the page and/or site. In the case of Facebook, the creator of the page will be removed as a full administrator and will be assigned editing privileges (ability to make changes, but not create/delete administrators). Other page editors/users may be added by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations or program director/supervisor if necessary.

If any content is deemed inappropriate, it may be removed at the discretion of the program director/supervisor or the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. Employees will be held personally responsible for items published on social media and all posts should reflect the professional standards of NTCC and be relevant to the intended audience.

Please submit the social media request form to your supervisor prior to creating a social media presence for your department. Your supervisor should forward the completed form along with an e-mail indicating their approval to

Social Media Posts/Messages Posted by Non-Employee Users: The college reserves the right to delete any content posted on an official social media channel that is deemed to be inappropriate, vulgar, inaccurate or misleading.

Non Discrimination Statement

All NTCC publications must contain the following disclaimer: Northeast Texas Community College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, ADA institution.

College District

Camp, Morris and Titus Counties (always list in alphabetical order)

Abbreviation of College Name

After "Northeast Texas Community College" has been used once in a publication, the shortened form “Northeast” or "NTCC" may be used.  


Mailing address: P.O. Box 1307, Mount Pleasant, TX  75456-1307
Physical address: 2886 FM 1735, Mount Pleasant, TX  75455


Red, White and Blue are the colors of NTCC. The official logo colors are as follows:

Official Blue:

PMS 2756 C
C 100 M 97 Y 26 K 19
R 19 G 31 B 107

Official Red:

PMS 1805 C
C 20 M 97 Y 90 K 11
R 179 G 40 B 45

Only the authorized color variations of the official logo are allowed (see Logo section).

NTCC Brand

The NTCC  brand was created by Interact Communications and the college adopted it in 2014. See the branding guidelines on proper usage.

Phone Salutation

When answering an official NTCC phone line, employees are encouraged to refer to the college as “Northeast” rather than NTCC or Northeast Texas Community College. Sample script: Northeast, this is (insert you name here), how may I help you today?

Presentation Template

Download our branded PowerPoint template. NTCC employees are encouraged to utilize this template when creating public presentations.


Employee Name Tags

Officially branded nametags are available for purchase through the College Store. These nametags shall include the first and last name of the employee. In addition, employees who would like to include academic honorary titles or credentials on their nametag may do so with confirmation by Human Resources (ex. Dr. John Doe or Jane Doe, R.N.). Job titles will not be used on nametags unless specifically required for accreditation or other official reasons to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Official Logo

NTCC adopted a new logo in spring 2014 (see branding guidelines). This logo should be used on all new branded materials purchased beginning immediately. Branded items with the old “Northeast T” logo may still be used until supplies run out, but plans should be made to reorder in a timely fashion. The branding guidelines should be followed for all usage of the college logo. Anyone wishing to use a variation of the logo not included in the branding guidelines should present requests to his or her cabinet-level supervisor for consideration by cabinet.

It is very important that this logo be used properly and consistently in order to maintain and strengthen the brand of the college. The following logos are approved for use by official representatives of NTCC on printed materials and other items. Outside vendors or parties wishing to use the official NTCC logo should contact the marketing office at 903-434-8114 or  to obtain permission.  The downloads below are .gif files that should be appropriate for many projects. If you require a higher resolution version or a different file type, please contact the Director of Marketing.

(Click to view full size & then save image to your computer OR right click and choose the Save Linked File option)


Logo Vertical

NTCC Logo Vertical









Logo Vertical Grayscale


Logo Vertical White

NTCC Logo Vertical (white)









Logo Horizontal


NTCC Logo Horizontal









Logo Horizontal Grayscale

NTCC Logo Horizontal (black)









Logo Horizontal White

NTCC Logo Horizontal (white)