Admissions Criteria

Please read the following information carefully:

The NTCC Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program accepts a maximum of sixteen students into the program the fall semester of each academic year.  Since a limited number of students can be accepted into each class, it is therefore to each applicant's advantage to complete all application requirements and submit the application by June 15th.  Student applications submittted to the Director of the MLT program by June 15th are guaranteed consideration for acceptance into the MLT Program during the first admissions committee meeting.  If the class is not filled following the admissions committee meeting, the deadline may be extended. 


Essential Functions:

In order to participate in a clinical laboratory science educational program, students must be able to comply with program-designated essential functions, or request reasonable accommodations to execute these essential functions. Requirements include a sound intellect; good motor skills: eye-hand coordination and dexterity; effective communication skills; visual acuity to perform macroscopic and microscopic analyses, or read procedures, graphs, etc.; professional skills such as the ability to work independently, manage time efficiently, to comprehend, analyze and synthesize various materials, as well as to hold sound psychological health and stability.


Program Admission Requirements:

  1. High school graduate or GED equivalent.

  2. Must meet general admission requirements to Northeast Texas Community College.

  3. Demonstrate proficiency in state mandated general knowledge content through approved means (ACT, SAT, THEA or Accuplacer; contact NTCC's Testing Department for more information on these tests).

  4. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all transfer courses and/or courses completed at NTCC, with a grade of "C" or better in all prerequisite courses.

  5. Submit an Application for Admission to the MLT Program (CLICK HERE to access this application).

  6. Provide official transcripts of all colleges attended, including NTCC (NTCC transcripts may be unofficial)

  7. Provide two letters of reference, preferably job related or a teacher/professor.

  8. Essay that explains your interest in the field of clinical laboratory science.

Each APPLICATION PACKETsubmitted to the program director should contain: 

  1. Application for admission

  2. Transcripts

  3. Two letters of reference

  4. Essay 


The essay should be a typed, double-spaced, well-developed one to two page essay that explains your interest in the field of clinical laboratory science and in our program.  You may comment on previous experiences (work or personal) that have influenced your decision to enter this field. 

Complete application packets for placement into the MLT class beginning each August should be on file with the program director no later than June 15th.  Admission to the program is based on a point system that utilizes the following criteria:

  1. GPA; high school and/or college

  2. ACT scores when applicable

  3. Number of core and/or prerequisite courses completed.

  4. Essay

  5. References

  6. Related work/volunteer experience

  7. Having an advanced degree


Program Advisors/Faculty:

Gaylon Barrett
Program Director

Chantel Sokol
Clinical Coordinator and Instructor

For More Information Contact

Gaylon Barrett