HOLD - In Your Room or Area


The Hold Protocol is called when there is a situation re-quiring people to remain in their rooms or areas in a building for short periods of time. For example, an altercation may require keeping people out of the halls until it is resolved. A medical issue may require only one area to be cleared, with halls still open in case outside medical assistance is required. There may be a need for people who are not in a room to proceed to an area where they can remain safe and out of the way.



The public address for Hold is: “Hold in your room or area. Clear the Halls.” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed. There may be a need to add directives for people who are in a location where they should remain until the hold is lifted.

“Hold in your room or area. Clear the Halls. Hold in your room or area. Clear the Halls.”



A Hold can be released by Public Address.

“The Hold is released. All Clear. The Hold is released. All Clear.”



People are to remain in their room or area, even if a class is over, until the all clear is announced.

People in common areas, such as libraries or foyers, may be asked to remain in those areas or move to adjoining areas.

People outside of the building should remain outside unless otherwise directed.



People are trained that if they are not in a room they may be asked to identify the nearest room stay for the duration of the Hold.



The following are some examples of when a campus building might initiate a Hold:

  • An altercation in a hallway;
  • A medical issue that need attention;
  • Large equipment delivery in a common area that requires an extra level of precaution.