EVACUATE - To A Location

SRP Evacuate ICON

Evacuate is called when there is a need to move people from one location to another.

Most often, evacuations will be necessary when there’s a heating/ventilation system failure, gas leak, or bomb threat in the area. In those cases, people will be allowed to bring their personal items with them. An evacuation drill is very similar to a fire drill.



The public address for Evacuate is: “Evacuate! To a Location” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed. For instance, “Evacuate! To the lobby.”

“Evacuate! To a location. Evacuate! To a location.”



The Evacuate Protocol demands students and staff move in an orderly fashion. In a tactical response, students and staff should be prepared to follow specific instructions given by first responders.

First responders may ask students and staff to place their hands on their heads or use different evacuation methods, i.e. run, crawl, cover mouth and nose, etc.


The Evacuation Assembly refers to gathering at the Evacuation Assembly Point. Staff are instructed to take roll or record names and account for any missing or extra staff or students after arrival at the Evacuation Assembly Point.



Students are trained that if they are separated from their class during an tactical evacuation, then joining another evacuated group is acceptable. They should be instructed to identify themselves to a staff member after arriving at the Evacuation Assembly.