Summer programs kicked off this week

work4college students

Pictured: Work4College students hard at work in Athletics.

Northeast Texas Community College has been a busy place this week as the summer session officially kicked off on Monday, June 3rd. In addition to regular classes, there are several special programs taking place that are bringing even more students to campus than usual! The following programs are currently active – with many of these students living on campus:


This innovative program designed to help reduce or eliminate student loan debt has 89 students participating throughout the summer! Work4College students are assigned meaningful jobs on campus (or with local K-12 partner schools) throughout the summer while earning $15 per hour. Half of the money earned goes into a personal scholarship account to use for future classes and the other half goes in the student’s pocket. 

In addition to their job duties, students also attend a class that teaches basic life skills like budgeting, etiquette, gratitude, etc. Students are eligible to participate after they complete the 10th grade and they can be part of the program for up to two years. Work4College is 100% privately funded and is not need based – students are selected based upon their willingness to work. If you see young people looking hard at work around campus – they are probably part of Work4College! Learn more:

Summer Success:

summer success students

The Summer Success program welcomed 80 students this week! Students moved into the dorms last Sunday in preparation for Summer I.

These students attend their summer classes in the morning and participate in evening activities. Crystal Nieves, who coordinates the program, said that they had outside activities planned for the first week, but due to the rain we had to cancel. Instead, students spent time indoors playing pool, ping pong, cup pong, basketball connect four and meeting other students in the program. 

Summer Success is designed for students who are transitioning from high school to college. Eligible students who enroll in six hours (two classes) during the first summer session will be awarded a scholarship to live on campus for FREE! Learn more:

Upward Bound: 

There are 41 students in Upward Bound's PEAK program this summer. Upward Bound is a program designed to provide high school students with opportunities to develop skills needed to achieve personal, academic, and career goals.  Its overall goal is to help students through high school and into college. The Upward Bound PEAK (Preparation, Education, Attitude & Knowledge) program also kicked off this week. 

Participants stay in the dorms Sunday evening through Thursday afternoon for four weeks. They take college classes, eat meals in the SUB, work on campus and participate in special group activities. The goal is to give these students an opportunity to live the life of a college student before they actually graduate from high school. Learn more:

process welding academy

Process Welding Academy:

Seven students started classes in NTCC’s new Process Welding Academy this week! It is an intensive 8-week MIG welding program that teaches the specific techniques and processes used in local trailer manufacturing. The curriculum is endorsed by Diamond C Trailers and is designed to prepare students to go straight to work upon completion. NTCC is currently accepting applications for the second cohort, which beings in October. Full scholarships are available! Learn more: