Math, Physics courses offered this summer

math graphic

Northeast Texas Community College is pleased to offer a variety of math and physics classes throughout the summer. This is a great time for students to complete the math courses needed for their degree plan in a convenient summer format. Options are offered both in-person and online for the Summer I and Summer II terms. 

Are you a university student who needs one of these classes for your degree? NTCC classes can save you lots of money have smaller class sizes! We make it easy to sign up and transfer your credits back to your university. Visit to view the entire schedule. 

The following Math/Physics courses are being offered this summer:

  • Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning - Math0304 (Online and In-person)  
  • College Algebra - Math1314 (Online and In-person)
  • Finite Mathematics - Math1324 (Online)
  • Business Calculus - Math1325 (Online)
  • Introductory Statistics - Math1342 (Online and In-person)
  • Mathematics for Teachers 1 - Math1350 (Online)
  • Mathematics for Teachers 2 - Math1351 (Online)
  • Precalculus - Math2412 (Online)
  • Calculus 1 - Math2413 (Online)
  • Calculus 2 - Math2414 - (Online)
  • Calculus 3 - Math2415 - (Online)
  • General Physics 1 - PHYS1401 (Online)
  • General Physics 2 - PHYS1402 (Online)\
  • Advanced Physics 1 - PHYS2425 (In-person)