Transition to Sustainable Agriculture

In the spring of 2012, the installation of compost tea production equipment and initial start-up of Serengeti-style grazing using our NTCC mix of compost tea injected into an irrigation system began one of the farm’s primary, long term research projects. The main objective of this project is to utilize pasture irrigation system (K-Line) and management of soil health to intensively manage small acres and dramatically increase the unit per acre production rate for cattle with a target goal of 40 head on 5 acres of Bermuda grass pasture. This same equipment will also be used to inject compost tea into the irrigation system which flows to the Eagle Eye Demonstration Garden. Results of the projects will be presented at a later date.

Ultimately, the Research and Demonstration Farm and the Eagle Eye Demonstration Garden are meant to be the public face of the Agriculture Department, acting as a point of contact between the College and the surrounding communities. As the program further grows and expands, the Farm operation will become even more diversified and the Eagle Eye Demonstration Garden will continue to undergo development as additional elements are put in place. If you are seeking to transition to sustainable agriculture for your agriculture enterprise or are interested in educational courses to expand your career opportunities to include “green” career fields consider taking a course at NTCC, majoring in agriculture or partnering on our research projects.