College Store FAQ's

What textbooks do I need for my class(es)?

The College Store posts the course materials within a few weeks of the schedule goes “live” on our website, We do not usually recommend purchasing your textbooks so far out from the start date of the semester. Mainly, because there are sometimes textbook updates – edition changes, instructor changes… However, this is a great resource to begin planning for your upcoming term.

When should I purchase my textbooks?

We recommend purchasing your textbooks around up to one month before the class day. We encourage you to not wait until the first day of class – this can cause you to possibly get behind in your studies and this is a very busy time and you could experience procurement delays.

It says my book is Required, Inclusive Access, Open Resource and/or Recommended – what does this mean?? I’m so confused…

Below are quick definitions of each textbook status:

Required – According to your instructor, this textbook is essential in your course and required to be successful in your course

Inclusive Access – A discounted textbook fee is applied to your student’s billing account, for your required materials, at the time you register for the course and you will access your materials on Blackboard, on the first-class day.

Open Resource – This is free digital course materials you will access on Blackboard.

Optional/Recommended – Your instructor feels this material may be beneficial in this course or in your chosen field of study, but isn’t required to pass the class. We highly recommend going to class first before purchasing, to confirm these will be useful for you.

Can I sell my textbook(s) back at the end of the semester?

At the end of the semester you have the opportunity to try to sell your textbooks back. We can never guarantee we will be able to buy your books back – but we try to buy any book we are able to.