Fundamental Training

Continuing Education Fundamental Training - Kids Discovery College

Kids Discovery College
A two-week camp offering over a dozen fun and educational classes designed for kids ages 8-16. Class topics vary from cooking and theatre to first responder academy. 


Raw Milk Seminar

Raw Milk Seminar
Northeast Texas Community College, in partnership with the Raw Milk Institute, will host a one-day intensive seminar on September 23rd that will cover a variety of topics relevant to the production of low-risk raw milk. Anyone interested in learning more about raw milk can benefit from this hands-on training!


Continuing Education Fundamental Training - Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training
The Basic Rider Course is designed to teach the novice and experienced rider proper riding technique, including basic motor skills (shifting, turning, stopping, swerving) as well as a driving strategy for urban street riding. 


Continuing Education Fundamental Training - Senior Adult

Senior Adult
The senior adult program provides and promotes educational and cultural opportunities and support services to improve the quality of life of senior adults in our diverse community.


Continuing Education Fundamental Training - Firearms Training

Firearms Training
A variety of firearms-related training courses at NTCC's state of-the-art indoor shooting range & criminal justice facility.


Continuing Education Fundamental Training - Personal Training (Online)

Personal Training (Online)
A combination of academic study with the latest practical research. This 15-hour course is a comprehensive, research-based program designed to provide you with all of the skills required to become a personal trainer.


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