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When will I know if I am accepted?
2018-2019 applications are available with deadline of December 20, 2017.

You will be notified by the first part of April by Eagle Email if you have been extended an interview.  By the time finals are completed in the Spring, you should know if you have been accepted into the program.  

If you are not receiving an interview opportunity or you are not accepted you will also be notified by Eagle Email with other recommendations and opportunities.  


How do I go about specializing in a certain area in nursing?
Specialization in nursing comes after graduation. Traditionally after six months to a year minimum in medical/surgical nursing setting most nurses decide after that year of gaining their knowledge base to branch out into other areas they are interested in (such as pediatrics, maternity, emergency room, home care, etc…). Seminars are offered throughout the area, state, and national levels to gain more specialized information in your area of interest.


Will I be able to find a job upon graduation?
Yes. Locally, our students are finding employment in a wide range of health care settings including: hospitals, rural health clinics, long-term care facilities, hospice and home health services.

Nurses are in high demand nation-wide with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting nursing jobs will grow at a rate of 26% until 2020, requiring an additional 700,000 nurses in the workforce (bls.gov)


What will a graduate nurse expect to be paid?
RN starting pay range is $15.00 to $24.00/hour*
VN starting pay range is $10.00 to $17.00/hour*

* These figures are based on previous healthcare experience, shift differentials, and the health care setting.


Can I work while I am in school?
Due to the study and clinical commitment, we recommend a minimal work schedule.


Where and when will I be expected to perform the clinical component of the program?
RN clincials are performed at variety of locations from Mt. Pleasant to Longview Monday through Saturday with some night clinical opportunities

VN clinicals are performed at a variety of locations in Mt. Pleasant, Pittsburg, and Winnsboro Monday through Friday during the day only.


How do I submit an application?
All Nursing Program Applications are submitted online. Please see the Apply to Program link on the nursing section of the NTCC website.


I haven't taken my HESI A2 or HESI LPN to ADN transition entrance exam how can I do that?
These exams are offered  through our Testing Center on Campus.  Here is the link to more information www.ntcc.edu/testing 


How do I submit my letter of recommendation, HESI A2 results, or transcript(s)?
You will need a digital (electronic) copy of your documents, so that you can submit them with your application. Within the application form there is a section for uploading these documents. The Copy Center on campus has the ability to scan and send to your Eagle Email for a small fee.  Please use PDF documents for uploading.


What if I don't have a digital copy of my transcript(s), HESI A2 confirmation/score, or letter(s) of recommendation?
If you do not have electronic copies of your documents you may mail them to: NTCC Nursing Department, Admissions Committee, 2886 FM1735, Mount Pleasant, TX 75455.  You may upload a MS Word Document  or PDF with the information you will be mailing your copies to Northeast Nursing.


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