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TSI Frequently Asked Questions  


What Is The Cost Of The TSI Test?

The TSI exam is $36.00 for the complete exam or $15.00 per section.


What Skills Are Tested On The TSI Test?
The TSI Assessment exam assesses a student's skill in the academic areas of math, reading and writing for college-readiness.

Who Is Required To Take The TSI Test?
Unless otherwise exempt or waived, all students registering at a Texas public college must take the TSI test.

When Do I Take The Pre-Assessment Activity?
Before you take the TSI Assessment, you must participate in a Pre-Assessment Activity. Northeast Texas Community College is required by state law to provide the Pre-Assessment Activity as well as document your participation, so it is very important that you complete this activity before you take the test. Also, you will not be allowed to take the TSI Assessment until you have completed this activity.

The Pre-Assessment Activity includes the following:

  • Learn what's on the TSI Assessment and why doing well matters.
  • Find out if you are exempt from taking the TSI Assessment.
  • Try your hand (and brain!) on some sample items.
  • Get the details about testing and support for your target college.
  • Receive your certificate for completing this mandatory activity.
  • Finish in 30 minutes or less!

When you take the TSI Assessment in the testing center, the first question you will be asked is if you have participated in a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). By completing this PAA now, you'll be able to click "Yes" and start taking the test. Be sure to print out your PAA certificate and bring it with you on the day you take the TSI Assessment.

How Do I Resister For The TSI exam at Northeast Texas Community College?
The TSI test is administered on a walk-in basis. Photo ID is required to test (Driver's License, NTCC ID, or Pass Port).

When Will I Get My Scores?
The objective sections of the TSI test are scored immediately following administration. Examinees are given an UNOFFICIAL copy of scores for advisement purposes.

What happens if I do not have time to finish the test?
You have 14 calendar days to complete the test. If you do not return to the Testing Center within the 14-day period, you will have to begin again with Question 1 on the section of the test where you stopped. 

 Taking a Remote TSI Test

Students are permitted to take the TSI Assessment test at a remote location, if they are not located close to Northeast Texas Community College. To request and register for a remotely administered TSI Assessment test, students must:

  1. Complete the Northeast Texas Community College Pre-Assessment Activity before taking the TSI Assessment.
  2. Complete the student Remote Testing Form. (The exam is not processed until the student is registered for the Remote TSI test).
  3. Once this process is complete the student will receive a voucher number to test.
  4. Students are responsible for ALL remote testing fees. NTCC testing fee is $36.00 for the complete test or $15.00 per section. BE AWARE that in addition to the NTCC cost for the exam, the institution administering the exam may charge a proctoring fee that students are responsible for paying.


 Cross Institutional Reporting Form

The Cross Institutional Reporting Form is for students who have taken the TSI Assessment at another Texas institution and would like to grant our office permission to access these scores. Once the report is retrieved, the scores will be entered into our system for student records.


 Do NOT bring:

  • Food or Drink
  • Cell Phones
  • Calculators or any electronic devices
  • Backpacks, large bags, or purses
  • Hats/Caps

If you bring any of the above listed devices they will be checked and taken up.



The Testing Center is located in the Student Services Building on the NTCC campus.
For More Information Contact:
Elayne Peters
Director of Testing

Jamille Kelly
Testing Center Clerk

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Northeast Texas Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, ADA institution.
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